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Support for our clients’ businesses comes in many forms from the receptionist or concierge service manning your front of house operation, to the security staff making mobile patrols and optimising your loss prevention solutions.

Helped a top high street retailer with loss prevention by mapping crime and risk hotspots.

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From close protection, to penetration testing and community support officers, we have a wealth of knowledge and the high levels of training required to provide our clients with the specialist security services their individual circumstances require.

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Providing the most advanced asset tagging and security system, SmartWater is a liquid solution with multiple applications, containing a code of millions of chemical signatures that are more accurate for identification than fingerprinting or DNA profiling.

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Empowering our clients through facilitation and understanding ensures they meet security regulations and guidelines, while gaining the confidence to effectively deal with difficult and confrontational situations.

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One of the UK’s top ten suppliers of manned guarding, we protect your people, property and assets. From museum to municipal office we provide fully vetted SIA licensed Security Officers. We select individual Security Officers with the attributes to fit our client’s company and security requirements.

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SIA licensed key holders providing 24/7 365 assistance with alarm response, reducing our clients' costs in full time security. Taking the responsibility of responding to incidents, removing the risk and inconvenience from our clients and their staff.

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Trained SIA licensed officers with event experience, ready at short notice, are available to provide any security service from crowd control, door supervision and VIP security, to close protection and emergency response.

During First Security’s well established relationship with the world’s largest financial organisation, we developed our services to match the client’s new challenges. Innovations in service delivery included coaching their team in counter terrorism and counter surveillance fields with a view to improving preparation and providing enhanced security for high profile events.

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The best provision of smarter security is achieved with a combination of traditional methods, combined with advanced electronic security ranging from CCTV, anti-theft tagging and access control to GPS tracking.

In today’s fast paced technological era, First Security is constantly keeping up to date with the latest innovations to ensure we always provide the most cost effective and productive solution for your security needs.

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Our national control room maintains a constant 24/7 feed of information between our clients, management team and security officers on the front line, ensuring a fast and correct response to any incident.

Based in Central London and handling over 7,000 calls a week, First Security's communication hub is in constant contact with our clients.