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The solution for smarter security.

We have seen a measureable reduction in robberies throughout the area of deployment.

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First Security’s personnel are accredited as SmartWater ‘Forensic Technicians’, providing our client base of major companies and government organisations with straightforward access to SmartWater protection.

  • Proven crime fighters with hundreds of arrests and convictions in the UK and U.S.
  • Widely used to protect critical assets including retail stock, IT centres and cabling infrastructures including telecoms, transport networks, water processing and power supplies
  • Multiple uses, providing both traceability of assets and accountability of criminals
  • Recognised and deployed by police forces across the world
  • Supported by teams of investigators that carry out covert operations, intelligence gathering, attend police-led raids on behalf of clients
  • First Security personnel are accredited as SmartWater ‘Forensic Technicians’ and trained in the deployment of the award-winning ‘SmartWater Strategy’ and associated products
  • The SmartWater brand is well known to criminals and acknowledged to be a powerful crime deterrent.

The philosophy of crime fighting company SmartWater is simple – the more criminals they help convict, the more powerful the SmartWater brand is as a deterrent.

Combining cutting-edge forensic technology with risk management and intelligence gathering tactics; SmartWater is protecting individual homes, businesses and the UK’s most critical infrastructure.

SmartWater’s forensic technology consists of a unique water-based, non-hazardous, forensic marker that is only visible under ultraviolet light. No two SmartWater solutions are the same, with each having its own unique forensic code, meaning that marked items can be traced back to where they came from. Any criminal marked with SmartWater can also be linked to a specific crime scene.

In order to maximise the impact of its forensic products, SmartWater utilises innovative tactics such as targeted covert operations, the education of second hand dealers, equipping police stations with the necessary detection equipment and the provision of expert forensic testimony in the criminal courts.

Having aided hundreds of criminal convictions and maintained a 100% conviction rate in court, the presence of SmartWater in your environment becomes a strong deterrent to any would-be criminal. First Security is one of the first manned guarding companies in the UK to have its staff trained in the application and deployment of SmartWater’s strategy and technology.