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Manned Guarding

Security Officers - protecting people, property and assets.

2,200 manned guards working to protect you nationwide.

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Even in a commercial environment where technology is everywhere, the physical presence of an on site security officer can never be underestimated. At First Security we take the time to fully understand our clients, with the best possible blend of the UK’s top 10 manned guarding and security technology.

  • All our Security Officers are vetted to BS 7858, and are SIA trained and licensed.
  • The Approved Contractor Scheme Accreditation rates us in the top 2.5% of manned guarding providers.
  • Shortlisted in the Security Excellence Awards two years running for our intelligent security solutions.
  • Our 2,200 manned guards support over 300 customers across the UK.
  • Protecting shopping centres, financial institutions, galleries, retail stores, corporate head offices and distribution and data centres 24/7.
Trained and committed Security Officers.
With a manned guarding retention rate of 95% we believe our approach works. Our officers stay with and work with our clients for long periods, embracing the culture and gaining corporate knowledge.

As the first point of contact for employees and visitors they act as ambassadors for our clients, whilst simultaneously protecting our client’s environment, brand, business performance and reputation.

Adding value through efficiency.
We saved a leading global investment firm £3.9 million over a three year period on their running costs through security cost efficiencies and by introducing our real-time business continuity tool COMMAND.

Combining our first class manned guarding with the latest innovations, like COMMAND, allows us to provide the most cost effective innovative security solution possible. We also believe in value added services, whether it’s Security Officers providing reports of defects found during patrols, supervising contractors, or carrying out basic maintenance tasks.

Protection comes first.
Our primary purpose is to ensure people, property and assets are protected. Employing First Security our clients can rest easy in the knowledge that we are the best team money can buy. Our Security Officers are SIA licensed, fully trained and cared for. Each security officer is supported by our National Communications Centre to ensure the best support and safety possible at all times of the day and night.

Door Supervision.
Our Security Officers have all the required licences and training associated with the work they are expected to undertake. A Door Supervisor licence is required if manned guarding activities are undertaken in relation to licensed premises, which is why all our Security Officers carry a Door Security licence.

CCTV Operatives.
Our staff are equipped with all the latest techniques and knowledge, fully licensed and trained operatives with in-depth experience of current legislation, ensuring that the CCTV systems are being used effectively and in compliance with the law.

Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS).
CSAS, an accreditation that First Security hold, allows a Chief Constable to accredit staff with powers to deal with anti-social behavior, such as litter, abandoned cars and graffiti. CSAS has proven to reduce low level anti-social behavior, decrease crime and nuisance and increase footfall in public environments such as shopping centres.

Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme (RSAS).
Working closely with railway staff, providing a safer, more pleasant environment for passengers.

RSAS allows organisations and employees involved in railway safety and security to be accredited by us, trained and supported by our officers, improving services for the railway community. Accredited rail staff can help to solve local issues and improve the sharing of information. This helps us to address and prioritise issues affecting local railway communities.