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Electronic Security

Watching over what’s important.

First Security is constantly keeping up to date with the latest innovations...

In today’s fast paced technological era, First Security is constantly keeping up to date with the latest innovations to ensure we always provide the most cost effective and productive solution for your security needs.

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Constantly evolving and advancing, electronic security systems are the ideal accompaniment to a more traditional manned security service. From anti-theft tagging, access control, and alarm monitoring to total building management, asset tagging and GPS tracking. We can offer expert advice in choosing the appropriate electronic security system and also sourcing, installing and monitoring the system. We can make your electronic security work for you.

  • CCTV used for both traditional identification and analysis.
  • Anti-theft tagging (EAS).
  • Access control.
  • 24/7 nationwide support and management.
  • Asset tagging.
  • GPS tracking and control vehicles.
  • Alarm monitoring.
  • Total building management.
Specialist Security Installation and Maintenance.
We provide all aspects of electronic security solutions from design through to installation and on-going maintenance. This can also include the integration of existing legacy systems across multiple platforms. All of our electronic solutions are based on ‘open systems’ leading to a greater choice of security solutions.

CCTV – offering you more.
Originally installed to identify criminal behaviour, the use of CCTV in working environments has greatly evolved. CCTV is now seen as a valuable tool to assist overall business management, working collaboratively with many electronic systems to deliver a complete and unique electronic security solution.

Video analytics is fast becoming a powerful tool to drive quality improvement across business, from improved customer service to increased efficiency in workforce management, as well as better access to data for more informed operational decisions.