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Vetting the security guard

John Briggs, operations director of First Security comments in his June blog, exclusively for, that the time is now right for industry to re-evaluate its vetting procedures.

This month John looks at how the industry can re-analyse our current system for vetting security guards for the benefit of employees and employers alike.

“Millions of pounds are lost annually from businesses as a result of employee theft.  Although the scale and severity of this theft may only be minor, national estimates claim that 75% of all workers steal from their employers at least once throughout their careers.

“With such high figures in mind, how do you ensure that the individuals that are meant to be protecting your assets are not misusing the additional trust and freedom bestowed to the role of the security officer?”

Here, John Briggs, operations director for First Security evaluates the current BS7858 vetting procedures for security guards.  He suggests that with changes to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) on the horizon, now is the perfect time for industry to consider current procedures and how they can be improved.

For the full blog visit the InfoLogue website.

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