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Time to move forward in 2013

John Briggs, operations director for First Security, looks back at what could be considered a tempestuous year for the industry and encourages us all to look forward to a new year with optimism and focus.

“The previous year has seen one of the biggest upsets in the security industry for decades dominate the news. The debacle surrounding security at the London 2012 Olympic Games was widely reported, giving rise to tough questions from the government about whether private firms should get involved with government contracts and ‘outsourced policing’.

“But, as the year drew to a close and having learned from our experiences, it seems that the industry appears to be repairing itself and is now entering 2013 with a renewed determination to provide safe, secure environments for all our customers.

“The challenges we have faced during the year haven’t all been about service failings and negative publicity. The country may be out of recession, but annual economic growth continues to be slow and somewhat less than was predicted in the Summer, at an estimated 0.4% decline over the year.

“This has resulted in UK companies keeping a close eye on costs, sometimes expecting the same level of security for a lower price, or compromising on safety as they decrease security levels to save money. In these stringent times companies seem more prepared to accept risk, rather than to have to pay someone else to remove or take that risk.

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