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Striking the right balance

John Briggs, Operations Director of First Security comments in his May blog, exclusively for, on striking the right balance between securing premises and customer service.

This month John looks at security versus customer service and asks can security companies strike the right balance between maintaining a warm welcome and ensuring a safe environment?

“Approximately 55 per cent of first impressions are based on overall appearance, and people often decide whether or not they like you, and will do business with you, within the first 10 seconds of an encounter.

“With this in mind, larger corporations are increasingly conscious about first impressions and the appearance of their buildings.  Constructing a security solution that is in keeping with such an ambiance is often difficult because, as soon as preventative measures are put into place, they can contradict the very notion of a friendly environment.

“So how can industry strike the right balance – between portraying a welcoming atmosphere whilst at the same time maintaining high levels of security?

“In our experience at First Security we have found that the key to creating the correct balance is through having a clear understanding of the potential threats that a building faces and putting in a number of small but effective preventative measures to reduce risk.  This way, security measures can be operating subtly in the background without being apparent to the visitor.”

For the full blog visit Infologue’s website.

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