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New SIA regulation: what does this mean?

John Briggs, operations director for First Security comments in RISK UK, on the role of legislation and compliance, especially in regards to the new SIA legislation and what this means for the industry.

Nobody can argue that licensing isn’t good for the security industry. Over the years, changes to regulations have been driven by the requirement to deliver better quality services to the end customer. Whether it’s by improving the training available to guards, initiating new screening processes or creating more robust audit practices, a properly-licensed industry is of benefit to all parties involed.

As a result, 2012 / 2013 looks to be a very interesting time as we all wait to hear the outcome of the proposed changes to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and how these will impact on the registration and operation of manned guarding.

The new Security Industry Authority (SIA) regulations coming into place will make it a requirement for a business providing  a security service to be properly licensed. Under the proposed changes, all companies that employ a security guard will now need to be registered.  This is unlikely to be a major issue for the 750 or so larger security firms, who are already audited each year under the approved contractor scheme and will automatically qualify. However, for some of the smaller security firms, this stands to be quite a challenge and will require them to implement a number of new processes to keep up with the pace of change.

Read the full article on page 10 of the March edition of Risk UK online.

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