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Motivation requires unified approach

John Briggs, operations director of First Security comments in his October blog, exclusively for, that guard motivation should be used as a catalyst for developing effective security culture.

Guard motivation is a critical component in the delivery of effective security services. There’s nothing particularly revolutionary in this statement of course, but it is a theory that has been proven time and again.

Motivation is a reflection of the energy, commitment and, ultimately, the level of productivity that a company’s workers bring to their job.  In the security industry especially, demotivated staff are less likely to perform their role effectively and can be the single point of failure within a security system.

So here at First Security, alongside the BSIA, we welcomed the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure’s (CNPI’s) recent guidance, which is designed to help security managers improve and maintain staff motivation.

But it also got us thinking.  The step-by-step guidance provided in the report and the supporting benchmarking and analysis tools are invaluable for those responsible for managing security personnel and contain some excellent advice on how to develop and maintain a motivated workforce.And in that respect, they should be integrated in to every security business’s standard employee development regimes.

For the full blog visit infologue’s website.

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