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Hostile Reconnaisance – A Key Part Of Counter-Terrorism

First Security’s John Briggs looks at the changes in counter-terrorism and advises companies on the actions that can be taken to minimise the risk posed by hostile reconnaissance.

Over the last decade terrorist threats have changed significantly. Gone are the days when security teams or emergency services received a warning that a bomb had been planted and were given a fixed time to evacuate in order to avoid civilian casualties.

Today, the harsher reality is that terrorist threat is there to maximise civilian targets and casualties, and the methods and techniques used will be many and varied.

So, with this changing landscape, what is the best approach to counter-terrorism? The right security solution does not have to comprise technology alone or rely solely on manned guards. In fact, the best approach may be to combine the two, to support and complement each other in an intelligent manner.  Ultimately, an effective solution lies in creating the right balance to deliver an effective, safe and secure solution.

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