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Highlighting the challenges in Security Management today

On Wednesday 2nd November, First Security, part of Interserve, held its inaugural security forum at Vintners Hall, London.  With almost 70 attendees from across the industry, the team took the opportunity to share industry updates and network with other security professionals.


This thought provoking forum covered security related topics from ‘identity, loyalty and security’ to ‘law and liability, defensible decision-making’ with the presentations aimed at widening and stimulating attendees views on the issues currently effecting their security demands.

John Briggs, First Security Operations and Sales Director at Interserve commented:

“This is the start of a range of forums that First Security is holding.  These events are a great opportunity for us to bring together clients, industry experts and leaders in specific fields, whilst sharing best practice and security updates with them.  The industry is moving at a fast pace with developments in technology and communication and we feel it is important to share both knowledge and experience with the wider security community.  We were lucky enough on this occasion to have Mary Sharpe, founder of Sharpe Thinking and Mark Scoggins, Solicitor Advocate at Fisher Scoggins Waters LLP to present ideas, findings and opinions on the importance of processes and behaviours in security management.”

Identity, loyalty and security

Mary Sharpe presented on the complexity of human beings; as individuals we have many identities depending on which networks and groups we belong to by default or association, and how this affects an individual’s loyalty and influences and their ability to make rational rather than emotional decisions.  By understanding these neurobiological and social psychological drivers we can better appreciate the challenges in security management today, argued Mary.

Mary Sharpe is a founder of Sharpe Thinking and has been a consultant at the NATO Science for Peace and Security programme since 2003 and an adviser on counter terrorism to the Psychology Research Group at the University of Cambridge since 2006.

Mary commented “I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak the guys at the sharp end and share with them cutting edge research in particular reference to internet addiction.”

Law and liability, defensible decision-making

Mark Scoggins’ presentation covered the importance of safety and security strategies in respect to a serious incident.  Especially in regards to the importance of pre-event decisions, risk assessments, budget allocation, priorities and individual competencies. Mark’s particular focus revolved around how best to defend the business and the people within it by demonstrating active and continuous leadership on safety and security issues.
Mark Scoggins is a Solicitor Advocate and has represented Thames Trains at the public enquiry into the 1999 collision at Ladbroke Grove, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens and his predecessor Lord Condon, as well as many other high profile defences since. Mark is a visiting lecturer at Bramshill, the Fire Service College and Police National CBRN Centre.

Mark commented: “It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak to so many senior managers in the security field and share a few practical tips on keep them out of jail, if not also out of trouble.”

First Security

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