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Caught on Camera: Innovations in CCTV

In his latest blog for Infologue, John Briggs, operations director for First Security, discusses the latest innovations in closed circuit television (CCTV), and how this technology can be combined with manned guarding to provide a more robust and efficient security response.

Traditionally installed to identify and record criminal behaviour, CCTV in working environments has greatly evolved. Now offering real-time surveillance and access to recorded data, CCTV is a valuable tool for analysing security across any environment.

With many electronic security systems available such as intruder alarms, access control and asset tagging, those responsible for managing building security may feel this technology is too costly, over complicated or difficult to maintain.

However, the evolution of technology has seen security systems improve in ease of operation and affordability, with many systems amalgamating to produce a bespoke solution for any business.

Yet, such technology is only as efficient as the response mechanism it generates; offering a deterrent, however actually preventing very little.

The physical presence of a security guard offers real-time response – identifying a situation as a possible criminal breach or incident, and acting at that moment to prevent any escalation.

A properly trained and licensed security guard will bring the personal touch required during difficult situations; whether this be as simple as assisting a lost visitor, or as complex as dealing with a threat of terrorism.

Although they are always alert, a lone manned guard cannot, however, maintain a constant vigilant presence in every area of a business. Therefore, achieving a balance between a physical presence and an electronic security system can create a security solution that offers smarter security through personal delivery.

The correctly-trained guard can be a valuable asset in monitoring and reacting to CCTV footage – recognising and understanding patterns of behaviour from frequent users of the building, and sensing and reacting appropriately when abnormal activity occurs.

For the full blog visit Infologue’s website.

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